Research Area

 ·  International Projects

1.     SKA

2.     Dome-A CMB polarisation and optical telescopes

3.     AS3—After Sloan 3:e-BOSS, MANGA,APOGEE

4.     BigBOSS—The first stage IV Dark energy experiment

·    Theoretical Cosmology and Black Hole Physics

1. Dark matter and Dark energy

2. Alternative theories of gravity on cosmological   scales

3. Perturbations around black hole and Gravitational   wave detection

4. Application of AdS/CFT: the holographic   superconductor

5. Black hole thermodynamics

·   Observational Cosmology

1. Dark Matter and Dark Energy

2. Reionization theory and experiment

3. Large scale structures: theory, numerical   simulations, and observations

4. Gravitational lensing: theories and observations

5. Observational tests of alternative theories of   gravity


·   Galaxies and Clusters of Galaxies

1. Multi-band studies of galaxies and galaxy clusters   from high to low redshift

2. Large redshift surveys: groups of galaxies,   environments, and galaxy properties

3. X-ray properties of galaxy clusters

4. Galaxy formation: numerical simulations, SAM, HOD   and CLF modeling