CAA Seminar (Dec.19,2016): Direct Mapping of Galaxy-Wide Quasar Outflows
Source:Seminars Date:2016/12/28

Time: 14:00--15:00,19th December.

Address: CAA lecture Hall,Jianchuan Road 955(我享我家大厦2楼)

Title:Direct Mapping of Galaxy-Wide Quasar Outflows

Speaker:Prof.Guilin Liu (USTC)


Feedback from quasars is a key ingredient in galaxy formation models. Theorists expect quasars to drive outflows engulfing the entire host galaxy, but the actual spatial scale of outflows remain largely uncertain, and direct probes of this process in action are scarce. The development of integral field unit spectroscopy in the last decade has opened a new window for direct mapping of quasar outflows and for pinning down their spatial extents. Our pioneering work in this field has shown that galaxy-wide outflows are common in the majority of luminous quasars. We have also performed the first direct confirmation of the outflow radii and energetics indirectly derived from the absorption line analysis. These findings are likely the long-sought direct evidence for black hole accretion energy reaching galactic scales and shaping the formation and evolution of galaxies.