CAA Seminar (Dec.26,2016):Understanding galaxy formation history through galactic dynamics
Source:Seminars Date:2016/12/28

Time: 10:00--11:00,26th December.

Address: CAA lecture Hall,Jianchuan Road 955(我享我家大厦2楼)

Title:Understanding galaxy formation history through galactic dynamics

Speaker:Zhu, Ling(MPIA, Heidelberg)


Dynamics is another fundamental diagnostics of the galactic formation history,in addition to the chemical abundance.For dwarf galaxies in the MW, we have the unique opportunity to detect the kinematics of discrete stars.We developed an axisymmetric discrete chemo-dynamical model to constrain the underlying gravitational potential of the galaxy,as well as the internal dynamics of multiple stellar populations simultaneously.I will show the results on the dwarf galaxy Sculptor, for which we find a weak rotation in the metal-rich population, and different velocity anisotropies for the metal-rich and metal-poor populations.It implies that the metal-rich population may be formed on gaseous disk concentrated in the inner regions, while the metal-poor stars on radial orbits may be partly disrupted by the MW tidal force.