CAA Seminar (Feb.28,2017):Probing Inflation and more with cosmic large-scale structure
Source:Seminars Date:2017/02/23

Time: 10:00-11:00,28th February .

Address: CAA lecture Hall,Jianchuan Road 955(我享我家大厦2楼)

Title:Probing Inflation and more with cosmic large-scale structure

Speaker:Dr. Roland de Putter (Caltech)


In the current era of precision cosmology, cosmological observations have become a unique probe of many fundamental physics questions that are hard or even impossible to address with conventional terrestrial experiments. In this seminar, I will discuss examples of what this "cosmic laboratory" teaches us, with a focus on galaxy clustering and inflation. After a detailed introduction of some of the phenomenology of inflation, I will discuss how near-future galaxy surveys may be able to distinguish between single- and multifield scenarios by taking advantage of the imprint of primordial non-Gaussianity on galaxy bias. I will then discuss both general requirements on galaxy surveys for them to take optimal advantage of this signal, and opportunities with specific future surveys. In particular, I will briefly introduce the recently proposed SPHEREx space telescope.