CAA Seminar (Mar.3,2017):Searching for Cosmic Strings in New Observational Windows
Source:Seminars Date:2017/03/03

Time: 15:00-16:00,3th March .

Address: CAA lecture Hall,Jianchuan Road 955(我享我家大厦2楼)

Title:Searching for Cosmic Strings in New Observational Windows

Speaker:Prof. Robert Brandenberger (University of Mcgill)


Many particle physics models beyond the Standard Model predict the existence of cosmic strings.If such theories describe Nature,then a network of such strings will form in the early universe and will persist to the present time. They will lead to signals in cosmological windows such as CMB temperature and polarization maps, 21cm redshift surveys, and large-scale structure.Cosmic strings may also play a role in the formation of super-massive black holes. I will explain these effects.