CAA Seminar (Mar.13,2017):The cosmic near infrared background (CNIRB)
Source:Seminars Date:2017/03/07

Time: 14:00-15:00,13th March .

Address: CAA lecture Hall,Jianchuan Road 955(我享我家大厦2楼)

Title:The cosmic near infrared background (CNIRB)

Speaker:Prof.Bin Yue (NAOC)


The cosmic near infrared background (CNIRB) contains the redshifted radiation from first stars and reionization galaxies, it offers an opportunity to statistically study reionization sources without resolving them individually. However, due to the foreground contamination, it is rather challenging to extract the signal from the observed skymap. I will review recent progresses in this research field. Moreover, I will introduce the direct collapse black hole (DCBH), such black holes form in pristine atomic-cooling halos at extremely strong radiation field. Their radiation may also present in the CNIRB.