Name:     Bin Wang     
  Job Title:      Professor  
  Job Type:     Faculty  
  Telephone Number:     021-67285549  
  E-mail Address:  

Research Interests:

(1) General Relativity

(2) Black hole physics

(3) Cosmology


Biographical Sketch:

Professor Bin Wang received his Ph.D in Fudan University in 1998. He was selected as the Cross-Century Excellent Young Researcher by Ministry of Education in 2003. In 2005 he won the NNSFC Outstanding Young Researcher award. Now he is a distinguished professor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He has published over 100 papers and got more than 3000 citations. Currently he is mainly working on the black hole thermodynamics, stability, the application of AdS/CFT correspondence, early and late time acceleration of the universe.


Selected Publications:

1.   Xiao-Mei Kuang, Bin Wang, Jian-Pin Wu, Dipole Coupling Effect of Holographic Fermion in the Background of Charged  Gauss-Bonnet AdS Black Hole, JHEP 07 (2012) 125.

2.   Qiyuan Pan, Jiliang Jing, Bin Wang, Songbai Chen, Analytical study on holographic superconductors with backreactions, JHEP 06 (2012) 087. 

3.   Yunqi Liu, Bin Wang, Perturbations around the AdS Born-Infeld black holes, Phys.Rev. D85 (2012) 046011.

4.   Qiyuan Pan, Jiliang Jing, Bin Wang, QHolographic superconductor models with the Maxwell field strength corrections, Phys. Rev. D 84(2011) 126020.

5. Jian-Hua He, Bin Wang, Elcio Abdalla, Deep connection between f(R) gravity and the interacting dark sector model,  Phys.Rev. D84 (2011) 123526.