Name:     Xiaohu Yang     
  Job Title:      Professor  
  Job Type:     Faculty  
  Telephone Number:     021-67285594  
  E-mail Address:  

Research Interests:

Theoretical and observational cosmology, including galaxy formation and evolution, galaxy groups, halo occupation model, cosmological weak lensing, large scale structure of the Universe, N-body and gas simulations. 

Biographical Sketch:

Prof. Yang received his Ph.D. in Astrophysics from USTC in 1999. He was an exchange scholar in Max-Planck Institute for Astrophysics in Garching from 2001 to 2002. After spending a brief period of time in USTC as a lecture, and in Department of Astronomy of University of Massachusetts as a postdoc, he joined the faculty of Shanghai Astronomical Observatory in 2005. And now he joins the physics department of SJTU . 

Selected Publications: 

1.     Constraining galaxy formation and cosmology with the conditional luminosity function of galaxies, Yang, Xiaohu; Mo, H. J.; van den Bosch, Frank C., 2003, MNRAS, 339, 1057

2.     Galaxy Groups in the SDSS DR4. I. The Catalog and Basic Properties, Yang, Xiaohu; Mo, H. J.; van den Bosch, Frank C.; Pasquali, Anna; Li, Cheng; Barden, Marco, 2007, ApJ, 671, 153

3.     A halo-based galaxy group finder: calibration and application to the 2dFGRS, Yang, Xiaohu; Mo, H. J.; van den Bosch, Frank C.; Jing, Y. P., 2005, MNRAS, 356, 1293

4.     Galaxy occupation statistics of dark matter haloes: observational results, Yang, Xiaohu; Mo, H. J.; Jing, Y. P.; van den Bosch, Frank C., 2005, MNRAS, 358, 217