Tuesday, 03 October 2023

Colloquium List

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The colloquium in this semester usually happens at 3 pm on Tuesday. The location is the big conference room (506) in the DoA, SJTU (No 5 Science Building).


    Time     Speaker     Affiliation     Talk Title
   2019-10-22    Qi Guo    NAOC    Small Satellite, Big Challenges
   2019-10-28    Sandy Faber      
   2019-11-12    Fukun Liu     PKU  
   2019-11-19    Hongyan Zhou    PRIC   
   2019-11-26    Yingjie Peng    KIAA/PKU   
   2019-12-10    Hao Zhou     TD Lee Inst.   
   2019-12-17    Jie Wang     NAOC   
   2019-12-24     Liang Gao     NAOC   
   2019-12-31     Zhenya Zheng    SHAO