Thursday, 18 April 2024

Postdoc position

Postdoctoral recruitment:

    The Department of Astronomy at Shanghai Jiaotong University recruits postdoctoral researchers worldwide. We welcome doctors in the fields of galaxy cosmology, radio astronomy, and gravitational theory to apply for this position. The Department of Astronomy is currently involved in several international collaborative observation projects, including: SDSS-IV, HyperSuprimeCam Deep Survey (HSC-Deep), DECam Legacy Survey (DECaLS), SKA, and more. A number of open astronomical data are also widely used in the study of members of the Astronomical System, including: PanSTARRs, COSMOS, UKIDSS, Planck, and so on. Other observational resources include: CFHT, MMT, Magellan, Palomar Hale, JCMT, and China's domestic astronomical observation facility (LAMOST).

    The astronomy postdoctoral fellow will have the opportunity to conduct research in a wide range of fields, including: galaxies evolution, cosmic large-scale structures, cosmic microwave background radiation, galaxies physics, cosmic reionization processes, radio astronomy, numerical simulations, and more. The center has superior computing equipment, adequate research funding, and active staff exchanges.


Application materials:

     Applicants are required to submit a resume (including research results), a research plan, and three letters of recommendation to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Application Notes:

     The post-doctoral position is for 2 years and can be extended for 1 year. The annual salary is based on the applicant's ability and experience. The school provides housing subsidies and corresponding social benefits.