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The 2nd Shanghai Jiaotong University Astronomical Summer Camp Notice

     The 2nd Shanghai Jiaotong University Astronomical Summer Camp will be held from July 9th, 2018 to July 12th, 2018 at the Minhang Campus of Shanghai Jiaotong University. The Astronomical Summer Camp was organized by the Department of Astronomy of Shanghai Jiaotong University and enrolled about 20 students for outstanding junior undergraduates. Activities include professional introductions, teacher-student exchanges, and astronomical stars. Based on the principle of “voluntary application, comprehensive evaluation, expert interview, and merit-based admission”, we will select outstanding undergraduates with good comprehensive quality, solid mathematical foundation and intention to engage in cutting-edge basic research in the astronomy department to join our graduate students. 

   The Department of Astronomy of Shanghai Jiaotong University was established in April 2017. It is affiliated to the School of Physics and Astronomy. Its predecessor was the Astronomical and Astrophysics Center of Shanghai Jiaotong University, which was established in September 2012. The Department of Astronomy has first-class international competitiveness in the direction of galaxy cosmology and is actively expanding in other directions. The Department of Astronomy has 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 5 winners of the National Outstanding Youth Fund, 2 professors of the Ministry of Education, 2 of the 973 Chief Scientists, 2 of the Foundations of the Innovation Research Group of the Fund Committee. 10 doctoral tutors. At present, he has presided over many important topics such as the 973 project of the Ministry of Science and Technology (1 item), the fund group innovation group (1 item), and the key point (5 items). Hosted CLAUDS observation, led the China Alliance to participate in the PFS fourth-generation dark energy survey, participated in DESI, SKA, BINGO and other projects. The Department of Astronomy also works closely with the Institute of Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics of Shanghai Jiaotong University and the Li Zhengdao Institute in the frontier areas of dark matter and dark energy. See for details.


First, the application qualification

1. The third-year undergraduate students of the national colleges and universities, the top 30% of the professional rankings in the first three years of the university;

2, loves astronomy, is interested in academic research, and has potential research capabilities;

3, English scores meet the requirements of relevant majors, English CET6 ≥ 425, or TOEFL ≥ 90 or IELTS ≥ 6.0 is preferred;

4. If the performance is outstanding in other aspects, such as publishing a paper in an important academic journal, the above conditions may be appropriately relaxed;

5. Have the spirit of research and potential scientific research, and are interested in engaging in academic research in physics and related frontier fields;

6, good moral character, good academic style, physical and mental health.


Second, the application method

 1. Online registration: Please log in to the Graduate School of Shanghai Jiaotong University before June 15, 2018. Online - Management Information System Login - Candidate Login - Summer camp candidates log in and register online. After the department has passed the review, download and print the “Shanghai Jiaotong University Summer Camp Application Form” and submit it to the Physics and Astronomy School for archival verification together with other application materials.


2. Please submit the following application materials by email: (1-6 submit scanned documents, 7 fill in Excel form)

1) Successful online registration, prompting "Screening of application information has been submitted, waiting for the department to review"

2) Proof of professional ranking (certification required by the academic department of the school or department)

3) Undergraduate transcripts (certified by the administrative department of the school or department)

4) 2 expert recommendation letters

5) English grade 6 or TOEFL, IELTS scores

6) Other types of award certificates, published papers, etc., which reflect the overall quality and academic level of the individual.

7) "Summer Summer Camp Registration Information Summary Form" (see for templates)


3. Please send the above application materials (scanned photos or photos, which can be recognized by the text) to the designated registration email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before June 15, 2018. The email is named "2019 Applicant School ( "Applicant's name)", the electronic version of the material is sent in the form of an attachment, the attachment is named "2019 Applicant School (applicant's name)". Upon receipt of the confirmation email, the application materials are deemed to have been submitted successfully.


4. Application description:

1) Both the “Online Registration” and the “Application Form for Submitting the E-mail” must be considered as completing all summer camp application operations.

2) The paper version of the application materials must be submitted to our college for archival verification when it is reported in the future.

3) The application form, application tutor, application major and research direction filled in the summer camp registration stage are for reference only and are not used as an interview or admission basis.


Third, qualification review

      According to the applicant's materials, the applicant's educational background, academic level, scientific research ability, comprehensive quality, etc. are the main evaluation basis. The Shanghai Academia Department of Astronomy will review the applicant's qualifications according to the selection criteria. The list of participants will be 2018. Notify me by email before the 25th of the month. Students who have not received the notice of admission will not be selected and will not be notified.


Fourth, interview assessment

      In the final stage of the summer camp, the Astronomy Admissions Committee will interview the participants, select the candidates for the comprehensive interview and the application materials submitted by the applicants, and provide the enrollment incentive policy. The summer camp interview results will be in July 2018. I will notify you by email on the 20th or so and post it on the college website.


Fifth, preferential policies

Participants whose interview results are “excellent”, such as the qualifications of the students who are recommended for exemption from the school, and meet the conditions for the admission of students in our school, can be pre-admitted as “Recommended for Exemption” for 2019 direct students or direct students (Note: As the first batch of graduate students, the number of students who are directly enrolled in direct and direct students is less than the number of enrolled students in the college. If there are more direct and direct enrollment than the enrollment of the college, they will be ranked according to the summer camp interview. Low scores are accepted, until the time is full.)


Please apply for the Shanghai Jiaotong University Astronomy Department students to get the "excellent" results, and often keep in touch with the applicants, the final admission depends on the enrollment quota for the year.


Sixth, summer camp treatment

      The summer camp requires participants to participate in the whole process, and provides all the meals and accommodation expenses for all students during the summer camp in Shanghai, as well as the two-way tolls for students from foreign universities to come to Shanghai (up to the second-class standard of high-speed rail, which needs to be reimbursed by bills) ). The summer camp will purchase personal accident insurance for all participating students. The medical expenses incurred and the accidents caused by personal actions shall be borne by the insurance company and the trainees themselves.


Seven, contact information

Contact email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Note: Please pay close attention to the email notification and the unit homepage announcement for more relevant content of the summer camp.



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