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Shanghai Jiaotong University Astronomy Graduate Admissions Summer Camp Notice

     This year's Shanghai Jiao Tong University Astronomy Graduate Admission Summer Camp will be held from July 21 to July 25, 2019 at the Minhang Campus of Shanghai Jiaotong University. This astronomical summer camp was jointly organized by the Department of Astronomy of Shanghai Jiaotong University and the Department of Astronomy of the Li Zhengdao Institute, and recruited outstanding junior undergraduates for the whole country. We will adhere to the principle of enrollment of “voluntary application, comprehensive evaluation, expert interview, merit-based admission”, select outstanding undergraduates with good comprehensive quality, solid mathematical foundation, and intention to recommend to our school for astronomical frontier research, join us. Graduate students.

     The Department of Astronomy of Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the Department of Astronomy of Li Zhengdao Institute have 10 doctoral tutors and 15 master tutors, including 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1 professor of special education, and 4 national outstanding youth fund winners.  His research interests include cosmology, galaxies formation and evolution, galaxies dynamics, dense stars and high-energy astrophysics, extraterrestrial planets, and laboratory astrophysics. Hosted the CLAUDS galaxy survey, participated in the fourth generation of dark energy surveys such as PFS, DESI, LSST, SKA, Ali original gravitational wave detection, HAWC and other projects. The Department of Astronomy and the Department of Astronomy of Li School also cooperated closely with the Institute of Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics and the Department of Particle Physics of Li, in the frontier areas of dark matter and dark energy. For details, please visit,


First, the application qualification

1. The third-year undergraduate students of national colleges and universities, the top 30% of the professional rankings in the first three years of the university;

2. English score requirements: CET6 ≥ 425 or TOEFL ≥ 90 or IELTS ≥ 6.0 is preferred (Note: If the English does not meet the above requirements, but the English author of the first SCI published in the undergraduate period, or has signed up for June 2019 Those who pass the English CET-6 can also apply if they are approved by the College Admissions Committee;

3. If the performance is outstanding in other aspects, such as publishing a paper in an important academic journal, the above conditions may be appropriately relaxed;

4. With a research spirit and potential research capabilities, he is interested in academic research in physics and related frontier fields;

5. Good moral character, good academic style, and good health.


Second, the application method and qualification review

Please log on to the Graduate School of Shanghai Jiaotong University before June 16, 2019. Admissions Online - Management Information System Login - Candidate Login - Summer Camp Candidate Login, proceed register online.

After the deadline for registration, according to the applicant's materials, the applicant's educational background, academic level, scientific research ability, comprehensive quality, etc. are the main evaluation basis. The Astronomy Department of Shanghai Jiaotong University and the Liberal Department of Li Zhengdao Institute will apply to the applicant according to the selection criteria. Camper qualification review, the student list will be notified by email before June 25, 2019. Students who have not received the notice of admission will not be selected and will not be notified.

Enrolled students are requested to submit a paper copy of the following application materials to the Astronomical Department for verification and filing at the time of entry.

1) "Shanghai Jiaotong University Summer Camp Activity Application Form" (please download and print after the department has passed the audit)

2) Undergraduate transcripts (certified by the administrative department of the school or department)

3) Proof of professional ranking (certified by the academic department of the school or department)

4) English grade 6 or TOEFL, IELTS scores (or a copy of the English SCI papers, or a copy of the June 20th English 6 exam ticket)

5) Personal resume (mainly introduces the research experience and experience during the undergraduate course)

6) Other types of award certificates, published papers, etc. materials that reflect the overall quality and academic level of the individual

Application Note: The application for tutor, application and research direction filled in the summer camp registration stage is for reference only. It is not used as an interview or admission basis. The summer camp needs to re-fill the volunteers before the interview. As it involves the allocation of the number of students enrolled in our hospital, please fill in the application category (direct student/reduction master) in the summer registration period.


Third, interview assessment

In the final stage of the summer camp, the Astronomy Department and the Li Astronomical Department Admissions Committee will interview the participants, select the candidates for the comprehensive interview and the application materials submitted by the applicants, and provide the enrollment incentive policy. The summer camp interview results will be 2019. I will notify you by email on or about July 30th and publish it on the college website.


Fourth, excellent camper incentive policy

Campers whose interview results are “excellent”, if they are qualified to apply for the postgraduate qualifications of our school, and meet the conditions for the admission of students, we can pre-admit them as 2020 direct students or push according to the “recommended test” method. Master's degree (Note: As the first batch of graduate students, the number of students who are directly enrolled or exempted from master's enrollment is less than the number of enrolled students in the college. Can be accepted if there are more direct students or more graduates than college enrollment, according to the summer camp. Interview results are from high to low scores, until the full amount).

Remarks: Please apply for the students to maintain contact with the instructor after obtaining the "excellent" results. The final admission will depend on the enrollment quota for the tutor.


Fifth. Summer camp treatment

The summer camp requires participants to participate in the whole process, and provides all the meals and accommodation expenses for all students during the summer camp in Shanghai, as well as the two-way tolls for students from foreign universities to come to Shanghai (up to the second-class standard of high-speed rail, which needs to be reimbursed by bills) ). The summer camp will purchase personal accident insurance for all participating students. The medical expenses incurred and the accidents caused by personal actions shall be borne by the insurance company and the trainees themselves.


Sixth, contact information

company name: Department of Astronomy, Shanghai Jiaotong University

contact number:021-54740262

Contact email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact:Liu Guoping


Note: Please pay close attention to the email notification and the unit homepage announcement for more relevant content of the summer camp.


Department of Astronomy, Shanghai Jiaotong University

Li Zhengdao Institute of Astronomy

May 14, 2019